One Year’s Free Brewed Chocolate Giveaway!!

brewed chocolate

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Cabaret Foods is giving away a year’s supply of brewed chocolate. Here is your big opportunity to try the new way to experience chocolate, drinking it brewed!

Brewed Chocolate is a fundamentally new approach to chocolate – a beverage offered as a basic alternative to coffee, tea, etc. Made from raw, unground cocoa beans, the flavor is the natural taste of cacao, more like a chocolate tea than a traditional hot chocolate. Through sampling, we have found that brewing cocoa beans can bring out chocolate’s natural effects, e.g. mood elevation, stress relief, calmness, an increase in energy level.

To enter, simply share a favorite real life Valentine’s Day story. We all have that one Valentine’s Day story that we recount to friends for years. Now is your chance to not only share this story, but to also be one of the first to experience the enjoyment of Brewed Chocolate for a whole year. Stories can be any variety – romantic, funny, bittersweet, ironic, sentimental, etc. The winning story will be posted here on our blog.

To enter, e-mail your story to Please include your story in the body of the email. No attachments will be accepted. The submission deadline has been extended to February 13, 2009, 5pm PST. The winner will be chosen on Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2009. Full contest details can be found here. Continental US residents only.

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  2. My Valentine and hubby of 27 years gave me a little something that had wheels and was sitting in our driveway. Can you guess what it was? A trashcan on wheels. LOL. Still love the guy.

  3. love choc. this is a great prize

  4. My biggest thrill in elementary school was to be chosen to make and decorate a Valentine’s Day box for the classroom. We would deposit our Valentine’s Day cards for the whole week prior to the big day. I didn’t care that no one else raised their hand to be chosen for the job!!

  5. My favorite Valentines card I ever received from my husband actually said Happy birthday on the inside. He crossed it out and wrote Happy Valentines day inside it. It made me laugh so hard! What a typical man thing to do! I still have it today…to harass him with it!

  6. When you have children everything seems so much brighter and clearer. I love how excited they get over the little cards and how they read and reread each and every card from their friends. My favorite Valentines day was when my young daughter sat down with her little brother that can not write yet and she hand wrote each and every name that her brother told her to write. She didn’t complain or ask me to do it, she willingly helped her brother. He was so excited to have his very own Valentine cards to give out to his friends.

  7. My favorite Valentine’s story is also our begining. We had known each other for a few months & went out several times with groups of friends. We both knew there was chemistry. On Valentine’s night a group of us went out for drinks. He & I rode together in his car. We arrived and waited for everyone else to show up. Sitting there in the car was tense. He says he’s cold – I reach over and plant a huge kiss on him. We’ve been together ever since. I think that warmed him up too. Now when every time he says he’s cold, we look at each other and smile :))

  8. Don’t tell my hubby, but my favorite Valentines was in Jr. High. This was back when you could buy a little card and have it brought to the person’s class. I was sitting in homeroom and I was sitting all depressed watching everyone else get one from their boyfriends. The minutes ticked by and nothing… finally they brought me 8 of them… 8 can you believe it!!! Oh the whispers… which 8 boys would send me valentines. They were all from the same boy, who I had no interest in at the time, but I thought it was sweet that he sent me so many… it was just unheard of.

  9. My favorite valentine was from someone I had only known a brief time. He wrote a mushy song for me and pinned on the paper a rose. Although moving a bit fast for me, I was struck by his passion and kept it, tucked away with my keepsakes.

  10. My wife and I love love love chocolate!!! Brewed chocolate sounds so great!!! My best Valentines day was when my wife and daughters surprised me at my office with lunch and balloons.

  11. I love looking at the old handmade Valentine’s Day cards my mother saved from grade school in the 1920’s.

  12. Well, we don’t really celebrate v-day, but one year my husband sent me a bouquet of roses on the 13th! You see, my birthday is on the 12th and v-day is on the 14th, so he sent the flowers on the 13th with a card that read, “Happy Day Between!” I thought it was the cutest and most creative little idea!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  13. My favorite Valentine ever is the one my daughter made for me when she was in elementary school. The card is made of one poster board, folded and decorated with her own artwork and poems. I still have it although my daughter is now grown and a mother herself.

  14. After having a very rough day, Last year on Valentines Day I was at work, I worked with a bunch of Teenage boys in a pizza shop. I must of looked like I was about to pull out my hair, Supervising Teens can sometimes do that to you. One of the boys asked me if he could please run next door to the Drugstore(RiteAid) I of course was like SUre Why Not!! Go! being sarcastic. He went and when he came back the boys had chipped in together and bought me a bag of Doves, which are my fave, and a card. I love those boys still, I don’t work there anymore but I still talk to each one weekly, they stop by or call. They are great. Thanks for the giveaway, Chocolate.. Yummy,

  15. hmm… my favorite valentines days are always the ones where my boyfriend and I stay in and make hand-made goodies for ourselves! Making our own meal is SO much more rewarding and enjoyable than going out to eat at any restaurant.
    thank you for the giveaway!

  16. One Valentines Day when my son was 5 he pushed my hubby away and told him you have mom all the time. Today she is my Valentine. LOL It was the sweetest Valentines for me ever.

  17. My hubby’s birthday is valentine’s day so we celebrate even more so. Last year he turned 50 and I threw a 50’s style party. Memorable!

  18. My husband is Active Duty Army. One year when he was deployed he filled out an entire box of valentines for me….you know the little ones that kids give out in school? The ones with a mini-envelope?

    Well, he wrote a sweet message on EVERY ONE. Some were silly and some were romantic…it took me days to open them all and I still find them tucked in books as bookmarks, on my desk, etc and it brings back the memories of the (what felt like) million little love notes!

    My favorite one was “If I was really a kid in kindergarden and I really did like you, I wouldn’t send this card to you…I’d just throw a pinecone at you or pull your braids!” So now we always joke about throwing a pinecone at each other.

    I hid cards in his bags (he deployed again last week) but I only hid a few…not the dozens that he sent!

  19. One year my husband and I got together with my family including aunts, uncles and cousins. We were celebrating my aunts successful battle with breast cancer and how much we all love her. It was my favorite Valentines day ever.

  20. The first Valentines we spent together was a trip he arranged to St. AUgustine, Fl. It was great because that’s a great town. We had a great time the first wo days. We saw the fort and ate great food and did some sightseeing. On the third say it started raining and didn’t stop for 24 hours. SO basically we were stuck in the B&B. The power went out. THe poor owners fed us cold cuts but overall it was great because we got to stay in the room for a long time and get to know each other better!!

  21. I don’t really have any Valentine’s Day stories as I have never had a Valentine’s Day experience. All of my partner’s have never celebrated Valentine’s Day, so I guess that is my story. Sad but true. I LOVE chocolate though!

  22. 7 years ago my friend and I had been dating these 2 amazing men and for Valentines day my boyfriend had gotten me perfume. I was so excited! I called my friend to tell her about it and her boyfriend picked her up in a PINK limo and took her to dinner! Can you say jealous?! lol! Anyways they impressed us both and I’ll be marrying him in 10 days and she’s been amrried for 2 years!

  23. Well, I was in fifth grade and was smitten! The day had come for the Valentine’s Day party, and everyone in class was exchanging cards. The guy I liked was dating ‘an older woman’ – – a sixth grader! Well, I knew they were serious when his mom showed up with her gifts from him: a huge stuffed bear, a dozen roses and one of those jumbo cards. I bit my iced cookie to stifle my whines. Thank goodness I hadn’t bought a special card for him. How embarrassing would that have been?

  24. Last year my best friend came over and we made home made pizza–two single girls enjoying a day of fun together!

    Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

  25. It was 1978 and there was a terrible snowstorm. Most of the roads were closed and traveling was not advised. Then there was a knock on my door and my boyfriend was standing on my porch. He had driven 35 miles through the snow storm to bring me my valentines day stuffed animal. I told him it was not a smart thing to do and sent him back home before the weather got even worse.

  26. I love chocolate I would marry it if I could… It never leaves me and is always yummy and always make me feel better

  27. My favorite Valentines was helping my children fill out the Valentine cards for all of their schoolmates. Other then that I don’t celebrate Valentines day and have never had a special one.

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